Tabasco Sriracha


Rating: ★★★★★

Who knew? Or more accurately, how didn’t I know?!

I was walking through the grocery store with no expectation of buying any hot sauce but there is was—Tabasco’s rendition of sriracha.

Into the basket, onto checkout, and home for a test tasting, I’m impressed. My first instinct was that this was just some reactionary creation to the popularity of other sriracha sauces but I’m pleased to say, Tabasco did a solid job.

It very much reminds me of the classic sriracha, Huy Fong sriracha, that I believe made it so popular in the United States to begin with but Tabasco’s version is a bit more vinegary which I appreciate. Part of what I love about hot sauce is the vinegar/sour flavors. In fact, anyone who has read my review of the Cholula Hot Sauce Green Pepper knows my main objection to it is the sweetness.

Tabasco Sriracha has a good kick, a nice garlic flavor, tangy, salty and a touch of sweet, I can’t wait to try it on many things. And, while I haven’t had it for a short time, I dare say this might be my favorite Sriracha. Ninja Squirrel is really good too. Huy Fong is 100% a favorite. This Tabasco version is, I think, is an instant classic and in part because one of the ingredients is, in fact, Tabasco sauce—something no other sriracha could ever have. The secret sauce, so to speak.

Thus far, I’ve put it on eggs, a favorite of mine for sriracha, roasted chicken, miso soup (not traditional but if you want a little kick to yours it works well), and on pizza. I find sriracha a great choice for pizza, especially. While sriracha is Asian in origin, the garlic flavor lends itself to Italian food.

While I’ve always been loyal to what I considered the original and the best sriracha, the Huy Fong version, for $2.99 and the little Tabasco flair, I might keep this in my refrigerator as much if not more. I found mine at Mariano’s but should you stumble on it and are a sriracha fan, I’d definitely recommend picking up a bottle. I can’t wait to try it on more things.

Addendum: Ordering some hot and sour soup from a local Chinese restaurant I frequent, their food is very good but their hot and sour soup was… lacking. I added Tabasco Sriracha to give it a little boost and, while sriracha is a slightly different flavor profile than one might expect from traditional hot and sour soup, it lent itself well to fixing this mediocre classic.

Recommended on:
Miso soup
Fried rice
Hot and sour soup

Red jalapeño peppers
Distilled vinegar
Xanthum gum
Tabasco Pepper Sauce