Trader Joe's Yuzu Hot Sauce


Rating: ★★★★★

Amazing! It was an instant favorite.

It was new and Trader Joe's had planogrammed a whole shelf for it. But five dollars?! For 100ml? Whoa! Didn’t stop me at all really. Yuzu, an asian citrus fruit, reminds me a lot of a key lime though it is apparently related to grapefruit. Citrus Junos is clearly a great mix with heat.

Getting home, I popped open the bottle, splashed a little on my hand and took a lick. Delicious! Sour and hot and in just the right balance. I could not sit to try this on something.

First, on tacos. Then in soup. And on my eggs. I drizzled some on salmon and then chicken and then pork chops and a bowl of rice. Was there nothing this hot sauce wouldn’t work on?

I don’t think I found a hot sauce that has become so versatile. It’s too bad it is so good because it is also rather expensive but good things are worth paying for.

It has a very refreshing citrus and sour flavor with a nice kick of heat. It isn’t blazing hot but for newcomers and those who are sensitive to spicy foods, it’ll likely be pretty zingy for them. While it has its asian heritage, it seems to go with any food around the world. If something needs a little heat and citrus is also a welcome flavor, this is the hot sauce to use.

Above all else, this is one of the few five star hot sauces I’ve encountered. I 100% recommend you make a special trip to Trader Joe’s and pick up a bottle. It is has gained a rank in my Top Five Hot Sauces.

Price: $5

Recommended on:

Thai food


Yuzu zest
Chili peppers