Nandi's Peri-Peri, Peri-Peri Sauce Hot


Rating: ★★★

Nando’s Peri Peri is a South African restaurant chain that serves Portuguese style chicken. Their food is really tasty and I’d recommend visiting one of their restaurant. Your choice is of what kind of cut of chicken, spice level, and sides. In addition to your marinade choice, you can add more or other sauces of theirs to your chicken once served. My favorite is their ‘hot’ and their ‘lemon garlic.’

This hot sauce has a lot of stuff in it. Usually that turns me off to a hot sauce as I’m a bit of purist when it comes to food ingredients but this is a solid choice. It is peppery in addition to hot, tart without being sour, salty, and with the lemon, garlic, and online in it, has a flavor that one might not find in many other hot sauces.

I might really call this a marinade before calling it a hot sauce but I use it in a hot sauce capacity—as a condiment in addition to marinade.

Given that it is really made to be paired with chicken, chicken is fine choice for which to use this sauce. However, I’ve used it with other meats: pork, beef, and fish. For fish, I recommend a bolder fish like yellow fin tuna or salmon. I really find this to be an excellent choice with tuna—the bolder flavor of the sauce is well adept to go with heartier tuna meat.

I’ve also found it is a good choice for starchy items like adding some to rice or potatoes. Take some roasted potatoes and splash a little Peri-Peri sauce on it for a nice seasoning. Rice, especially something like Mexican rice, accepts this spice well. And at Nando’s, their Macho Peas get a little extra kick with a little of this hot sauce.

Not a bad sauce to keep around. I found that it is best fresh. While hot sauces rarely go bad, this one does seem to oxidize (maybe?) more than others. This shouldn’t be a problem really—it is a marinade and hot sauce so it can be used liberally.

Price: $4.00


White vinegar
Spices (African birds eye chili)
Serano chili
Vegetable oil
Xanthan gum
Propyleneglycol alginates
Calcium disodium EDTA